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About Us


Triumph strives to empower teens to overcome obstacles to their academic and personal achievement by providing them with the tools, resources, and after school guidance necessary to flourish.



To better the Mount Vernon community by uplifting our next generation of leaders.




Leadership | Empathy | Collaboration | Courage


What We Do

Triumph was founded in 2022 in response to a growing need for increased after school support to local, teens. We serve a population that is predominantly low income, Latiné and Mexican Indigenous descent, most of whom cannot afford quality after school support for their teens. We believe that after school support is not simply a luxury but a necessity, and that every teen regardless of their socio-economic status should have access to it. At Triumph, we meet every teen where they at and ensure a safe space where they feel encouraged to thrive.

The Triumph philosophy is that youth support is holistic. Which is why our after school program is not only free of cost but our teen opportunities range anywhere from tutoring and peer counseling to leisure and fun. Parents receive access to monthly trainings and a culturally appropriate food pantry.


  At the core of Triumph's mission is to instill confidence and empowerment in every teen that passes through our center. Each of our programs and support services derives from a place of deep-rooted understanding for the challenges our teens and their families experience daily. With all of our Coaches and Volunteers sharing similar lived experiences and undergoing training in peer counseling.

Silvia's Story

Triumph is the result of one woman's dream. Founder and Executive Director Silvia Alvarez, inspired by her own lived experiences and childhood challenges, founded Triumph in 2022 as a haven to adolescents facing adversity. Once a "troubled" child herself, she envisioned a center where teens can feel encouraged, supported, and empowered to succeed in all their aspirations.


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